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Are you Afraid
to Buy Property?

  • Is your Property Safe?

  • Is your Property Legal?

  • Is your Property free from all Disputes?


We are Working with Researchers, having
30+ years of Experience

An exclusive professional search agent for securing your investment in the property has been associated with various experienced lawyers and law firms. Property Thanedar is a service venture of Second Knot LLP, which is the sole platform to provide any litigation history check to all the intended buyer of the properties. We provide our customers/genuine buyers who want to buy any property in India for their needs/investments, an online search so that they can easily verify and invest their hard earned money in a property of their choice and check the Litigation History if any, accordingly.
Property Thanedar makes harnessing the power of professional information available to everyone at affordable prices.


Information makes all the difference

Bringing together accurate information on a range of everyday legal searches helps you prove asset ownership, verify data and improve your ability to make balanced and informed decisions. With our advance search reports, you can potentially save yourself from big legal files and rounds of the court which might arise because of a property you buy.

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Affordable Prices

Our all-inclusive prices cover the one time search fee for searching litigation history of any one property of your choice. No travel, no parking, no taking tickets at public counters, no long queues anymore. Have the best hassle free experience.

Fast turnaround

The research we conduct for you is completed in just three working days from the date you submission the requisite details. Super quick search result reports just for you.

First Class Service

Knowing what is required and making sure the search is 100% accurate takes a bit of work. That’s where our experienced and skilled legal team performs and outshines.

Land Titles and Relevant Information

Accurate and timely information from Property Thanedar protects you from unnecessary risk and helps you make informed decisions.

If you are buying any real estate/property for an investment, for any type of financial dealings, being armed with relevant and current information can make all the difference. This is where Property Thanedar becomes necessary and having the right information comes in handy before you make an investment. This will save a lot of time, cost and headache and unwanted hassles to check litigation details.

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Property Thanedar can assist you with Property Litigation History

We with our associated lawyers and law firms collect and access information within the courts where the property is situated in India. You get a copy of litigation search report to ascertain dispute(s) if any or check encumbrance from the respective Jurisdictions.


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Great service.. one point of contact for all your queries. They provide the complete report about the property with all possibilities. They also provide suggestions via call. One must try their service for all hassle free property purchase.


Provides hassle free verification service. Saved from buying a property with pending litigation. Highly thankful to the whole team. Much appreciated and highly recommended for anyone looking to buy a property.



Property Thanedar was an invaluable resource when it came to protecting my investment. His attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend him.

Property Thanedar makes finding information easy.

The Right Information and its verification is a powerful tool that can help you assess risk, make an informed decision and save hard earned money.